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Drug Free Workplace




       To establish Teachers College policy and procedure pertaining to unlawful use, distribution or possession of drugs in its workplace. 

2.0   SCOPE

       This policy applies to all employees.


       The interpretation and administration of this policy shall be the responsibility of the Assistant Vice President, Human Resources.

4.0   POLICY

4.1  The College prohibits the unlawful manufacture, distribution, dispensation, sales, possession or use of any drug or substance by its employees and in its facilities.

4.2  Any College employee who violates the College's policy or who is convicted of a drug-related crime is subject to the College's disciplinary procedures, up to and including termination. Where appropriate, an employee who has violated the College’s policy may be required to participate satisfactorily in a drug abuse assistance or rehabilitation program as a condition of continued employment.

4.3  The College must certify to contracting government agencies that it provides a drug-free workplace in connection with its government contracts.  All employees are therefore given and required to sign a statement explaining the policy.  The College complies with its legal obligation to notify the federal government of any employee’s workplace-related drug conviction.

4.4   Each College employee agrees, as a condition of employment, to abide by this policy and to notify his or her supervisor no later than five (5) days after any conviction under a criminal drug statute.

4.5   Reasonable efforts will be made to assist an employee who comes forth and discloses that s/he is known to be a substance abuser. The College will endeavor to make supervisors aware of the dangers of drug abuse in the workplace.


Responsible office: Human Resources 

Last updated: July 30, 2014


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